Our Story

200x20 spacerThe name 4virtu Sports brings to mind the words ‘virtual’ ,‘virtuous’ and ‘athletics’; words equally fitting that bring to bear our inspiration for our solution.

In developing an innovative youth sports management software that provides comprehensive, easy to use tools for the management of youth athletic organizations and leagues, the tracking of injuries which then drives the creation of youth-sport specific first aid and preventative training education modules, along with a powerful collaboration and communication suite, we ensured it was built on a secure, wholesome, family-friendly environment that emphasizes the optimum wellness outcome for all of our youth athletes.

With the concern each parent has for the health of their children as they participate in youth athletics, we have worked with the Nationally-recognized Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to create both the first youth-sports specific First Aid and Preventative Training learning modules as well as the first injury tracking solution for youth sports. Throughout the USA we have 100,000’s of volunteer coaches who have had no education in youth-sports specific first aid or how to prevent injuries through proper training. We look to help solve this through a clinical approach. Information on each injury is easily gathered on a no-name basis to ensure the privacy of all of the athletes and their families. As it is gathered, it is analyzed by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s data management team to look for trends as they emerge. This drives the creation of additional first aid and preventative training learning modules so that we are being pro-active in caring for our youth athletes. Our focus is to be a good partner and enrich every organization, league, athletic club, family, and especially every youth athlete, which we serve.

Thank you for this opportunity to share 4virtu Sports with your sports organization, league, athletic club and their member families. From the very beginning, our goal has been to bring all constituents together and simplify the lives of the administrators, coaches and families while aggressively seeking the best wellness outcomes for our youth athletes.

We have strived to provide an easy to use solution that truly serves the needs of every level of the hierarchy so that significant time may be spent teaching the youth athletes the skills they need to compete in a healthy manner along with all the positive life lessons that come from participating in organized athletics. Our platform facilitates the identifying and utilization of best practices so all may benefit as they emerge.

On the face of it, allaying concerns about our children’s safety provides the ease of mind which we as parents cherish. Our passion is, and always will be, elevating the ease to which volunteers learn, manage, communicate, teach and inspire – building blocks for a positive youth athletics experience.

As the name 4virtu Sports implies, we hope to “Evangelize the world… one community at a time”. We are here to serve. Please let us know your thoughts as to how we might improve the capabilities and user experience of our 4virtu Sports system. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

Greg McGrath