Collect Data on All Injuries

With the concern each parent has for the health of their children as they participate in youth athletics, we have worked with the nationally-recognized Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to create the first injury tracking solution for youth sports.

Throughout the USA, we have 100,000’s of volunteer coaches who have had no education in youth-sports specific first aid or how to prevent injuries through proper training. We look to help solve this through a clinical approach. Information on each injury is easily gathered on a no-name basis to ensure the privacy of all of the athletes and their families.

Our solution is accessed by cell phone, tablet or pc and uses simple clicks on a 3-D human body to isolate the injury area, then radio buttons to add the specific injury. We also track the number of athletes, practices and games and double validate so the information is clinical in quality. Our focus is to be a good partner and enrich every organization, league, athletic club, family, and especially every youth athlete, which we serve.

Collect date on all injuries 4virtu Sports Screenshot