Coach’s First Aid and Preventative Training E-learning

200x20 spacerinjured football player sample100,000’s of volunteers coach our youth sports teams annually. 99% have had no first aid training, especially youth-sports specific training. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has produced a series of youth-sport specific e-learning modules in partnership with 4virtu Sports.

  • Provides fully integrated e-learning suite
  • Initial training videos will be first-aid focused. Will expand to include preventative training and for coaching specific youth sports
  • Provides the ability to offer the courses on a select online sign-up or invitation only basis
  • Provides the ability to track progress on successful completion of the course and any required testing. Members and administrators can visually see progress
  • Allows organizations to pro-actively seek the best wellness outcome for their youth athletes
  • Allows parents to have a greater sense of comfort that their children are being responsively cared for